We help children, families, and individuals in Eastern Iowa.

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Utility Bill Assistance
We provide resources to financial assistance for air conditioning, weatherization, and more. What will I need?
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We are looking for compassionate caregivers at HeadStart!
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Water Bill Assistance
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Free Preschool
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Help With My Children

Black mother with giggling child.

Early Childhood Child Care

Head Start provides high-quality, no-cost child care for children 0–5 years (subject in income requirements).

Young woman in a workplace, holding small child.

Other Child Care

If you do not qualify for Head Start or want to explore other options, we'll help you to build a list of providers to meet your needs.

Boy leaning over a stack of school supplies with a grin on his face.

School Supplies

Community Action of Eastern Iowa provides school supplies for students in grades K-12 who live in Cedar County.

Diaper packages in the sunlight.


We have size 2, 3, & 4 diapers in our Davenport office. We DO NOT have sizes 1, 5, or 6, and cannot provide pull-ups or specific diaper brands.

Preschool teacher with three young children, at a table, with toys

Child Care in my Home

Consultation services are offered at no cost and there are no income guidelines.

Help With Paying Bills

Air conditioner in a box.

Air Conditioning and Fans

If you meet income guidelines we may be able to provide a small fan or window A/C unit.

Male technician repairing outdoor air conditioning system

Fix Central A/C

Up to $500 if income guidelines are met and it fully repairs your A/C. We DO NOT install central A/C.

Woman holding candle in the dark.

Power Disconnected

Being disconnected from utilities is an emergency. Submit a service ticket and we'll assist you with getting reconnected.

Worried person with depression reading eviction notice paper.

Disconnection Notice

Start a conversation now so we can work together to try to prevent disconnection or restore service.

Close up of an electricity bill.

Utility Bill Assistance

On October 1st you may apply for assistance if your household meets at least one of our standards.

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Woman interacting with child under a slide.
Black woman being interviewed about Community Action of Eastern Iowa.
Woman reading to kids

About Us

We are the Community Action Agency for Cedar, Clinton, Muscatine, and Scott Counties in Iowa, and we provide services to over 25,000 people every year. We want to make eastern Iowa a better place to live, work, and enjoy life.

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We help over 25,000 Iowans every year to pay bills and improve their lives and the lives of their children. Help us continue that story.