Documents Needed for Utility Assistance

Having the correct paperwork when you apply will make your application easier.  The list below answers the questions most people have about what to bring.  If you have a different income, or still have questions after reading the list, please call us or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page. You can also download a printable checklist at this link.

  • Proof of Social Security Numbers for All Household Members. Bring Social Security cards for everyone living in your home. If someone does not have a card, contact the branch office you will visit to find out what to do. Adults can use a valid Iowa Drivers License instead of a Social Security Card.
  • Most Recent Heating Bill.
  • Most Recent Electric Bill.
  • Proof of Income for All Household Members. You may provide income from the past 30 days prior to the application, or for the past year, whatever is easier or more beneficial for you. The chart below describes the documents you should have available for the types of income that apply to your household.
Required Income Documents
Please check each income type your household receives and include copies of the documents.
You may use the past 30 days or the past year for income documents, but everyone in the household must choose the same measurement period (everyone uses 30 days or everyone uses past year).
Type of Income Past 30 Days Past Year
Wages, Salary Paycheck stubs for the past 30 days (if paid every-other-week, most recent 2) All W-2 forms, or your last Federal Income Tax Return
Self-Employment, Rental Income, or Farm Income Not applicable. You must use the past year as your measurement period Last completed Federal Income Tax Return
Social Security (Disability or Retirement), or SSI Check copy, award letter, or recent bank statement showing direct deposit 1099 SSA letter, or last completed Federal Income Tax return for SSA or SSDI. For SSI, we will need a printout from social security for all months
Pension, Retirement, or Veteran’s Benefits Copy of award letter, copy of check received, or recent bank statement showing direct deposit 1099 R for pension or retirement income, or most recent Federal Income Tax return
Adoption Subsidy Copy of the check or monthly statement Monthly statements from the past year
Child Support Child Support printout, copy of the check, or statement from the payor Printout for the past year, copies of checks, statement from the payor.
Family Investment Program (FIP) Benefits Award letter from DHS or copy of your check. If you have received FIP for more than one month we may be able to get this for you Our office can get this for you if you have lived in the county for the past year
Worker’s Compensation Benefit statements Benefit statements for the past year or statement from the payor
Divident Benefits Letter or statement showing the amount received 1099 DIV or the most recent Federal Income Tax Return
Unemployment Benefits Printout from Workforce Development 1099 G or most recent Federal Income Tax Return
Other Required Documents
Please include copies of these documents with your application.
Social Security Card, driver’s license, passport, or state ID for everyone in the household (including children). If you provided these last year, we may have them on file already
Your heating bill (natural gas, propane, electric, etc.)
Your electric bill (this may be the same as your heating bill)
Fully completed paper application – both sides, signed and dated