Scott County Centers

Wittenmyer Head Start Center. Large two story yellow brick building with large windows.

Wittenmyer Center

2800 Eastern Avenue, Davenport IA 52803

Mid City Head Start. Front of a brick building with a sign above the door that reads Mid City High School.

Mid City Early Head Start

3801 N Marquette, Davenport IA 52806

Family Enrichment Center Head Start. Small one story building with gray siding and a porch.

Family Enrichment Center

300 W. 59th St., Davenport IA 52806

Fairmount Pines Head Start. Small one story wood frame building with tan siding.

Fairmount Pines Center

4205 N. Fairmount, Davenport IA 52806

Roosevelt Head Start center. Two story, red brick, older school building.

Roosevelt Center

1220 Minnie Ave., Davenport IA 52802

Children's Village at Hoover Head Start. One story red brick school building.

Children's Village at Hoover

1002 Spring St., Davenport IA 52803

Children's Village West Head Start. Yellow brick one story building with a Children's Village West sign affixed near the door.

Children's Village West

1757 West 12th St., Davenport IA 52804