Food and Diapers

Apply for Emergency Food or Diapers

Regular food and diaper service is ending December 1, 2021

Community Action of Eastern Iowa developed food and diaper pantry services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Agency is ending on-demand food and diaper services on December 1, 2021. Food and Diapers can be requested using the button above until that date.

What if I need emergency food or diapers on an evening, weekend, or holiday?

We may be able to help in emergency situations. Please submit a service request, and include the words “emergency food” or “emergency diapers” in your request. We will let you know if we will be able to help you.

How do I find other food pantries in the community?

Scott, Clinton, and Muscatine County residents: You can access a list of community food pantries and meal sites in your neighborhood at this link.

Cedar County residents: Please use this link to find nutrition resources.

COMING SOON: Healthy Choices Full Cart Co-op

Community Action of Eastern Iowa will enroll a limited number of Scott County households in a new program that provides healthy food pantry options and customer choice. The Full Cart Co-op will be focused on households that include someone with a health condition that could be improved by eating more nutritious food. If you are interested in learning more about the Full Cart Co-op, please submit a service request to let us know.

How can my organization partner with you so we can access food and diapers for families we work with?

Please submit a service ticket to request a meeting with us. We will provide a short orientation on how your organization can access food and diapers for families you serve.


USDA Non-Discrimination Statement

The United States Department of Agriculture Non-Discrimination Statement can be found at this link.