Income Eligibility

How to Use These Charts

Many of the services we provide are based on income eligibility, and each program has a different definition of income and a different income eligibility limit.  Find the program you are applying for in the first table, below, and make a note of the income percentage.  Income amounts are stated as a percentage of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL).

In the bottom chart, you can find the annual income limit for your household size.  If this is confusing, no worries.  Figuring out income eligibility is our job.  These tables are just to give you an idea about who qualifies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us even if you believe you are over the income limits.  There may be other ways we can help you.

Income Level Requirements by Program

ProgramIncome Limit
Air Conditioners200%
Diaper Assistance200%
Disaster Assistance200%
Early Head Start100%
Emergency Assistance200%
Employment Support200%
Finding Child CareNo Limits
Food Pantry AssistanceNo Limits
Furnace Repair175%
Head Start130%
Home Safety200%
Utility Bill Assistance175%
Water and Sewer bills200%

Income Eligibility - Annual Income

Family Size100%125%175%200%