How Can I Help My Children?

Head Start

I need high quality no cost child care for my child (prenatal to age 5).

Family Support

I receive FIP benefits and would like help setting goals.

Finding Child Care

I need help finding child care.

Baby Pantry

I need help paying for diapers and learning about parenting.

School Supplies

I need help providing school supplies for my child.

Winter Coats

My child needs a winter coat, hat, or gloves.

Child Care Providers

I am a child care provider. How can you help me?

How Can I Get Help Paying Bills?

Utility Bill Assistance

I would like to apply for help with my power bill.


I need help with food.

Family Development

I receive FIP benefits and would like help setting and reaching goals.

Air Conditioners

I need a window air conditioner.

Financial Education

I need help building my financial skills.

Crisis Assistance

I am facing a financial crisis.

Disaster Assistance

I need help recovering from a natural disaster.

Weatherization of Homes

How can my home be insulated and weatherized?

Furnace Repair

My furnace or water heater is broken.

Home Safety

I need smoke or carbon monoxide alarms.